Drawing on a bus

Since it took 2 hours to get to a job interveiw on a bus I just drew the whole way…


of course I got lazy and didn’t finish this

Very good!!!
I like it!

you can put the image right here


very pretty

nice curves, but i dont like the face, hair and arms. or clothes.

in fact, not really a fan of the japanese style, but thats me.

erhum… great jorb…

Do I still draw japanese style??? Man I dont knwo what todo anymore then… From my point its not japanese sdtyle its my style I dont got big eyes and a face that doesn’t measure right…Gah!!! stop saying I draw japanese style! Look at some punk art… you call that japaese style?man the steal everything!

seems nowadays people will call just about anything japanese style…
personaly i would not call this japanese style, in fact imo it doesn’t look japanese whatsoever
anyway the face is the best part of the pic i think, it seems to have character :slight_smile:
the body is alright but could use a little work, and the arm and hand(especially the hand) look pretty strange…
good job on the face and body though :slight_smile:

I think if you wanted a picture of a human woman then thats what digi cams are for.
I like it, except for the arm, and yes the face has character.
Keep it up, you have talent.


looks a second time

well maybe its not that japanese, but i can still see a lot of influence from it over your style. the arm is very typical of manga, and so is the facial structure.

Nice sketchbook drawing, espically for being done on a bus (could never draw on a bus) with some very nice line work, and gentle gradation (and who can’t like a woman in a bikini with a large weapon ;))
But there are several things I did to improve it:
A) Push the contrast on it (either in photoshop, or on original drawing, but probably a bad scan)
B) Shade the face, as it is there is no shading (adding to the “anime” feel)
C) More of a general light source, I’m not sure where your light is coming from, but my edit put the light from the right somewhere, so I tossed her right leg in shadow, and also her right arm (not only as shading method, but also to push it back in space), and her right hand side in general.
D) Background, I made it darker to push it back in space, and pull the character forward.
E) The stuff I didn’t do, some of the proportions look off (her left upper arm is short, lower arm long), torso long for a female, etc
And finally the image: