drawline() Question *solved*


in this .blend file <2.49b>

drawline.blend (131 KB)

i tried to make it do this:
the trajectory is drawn
a line segment is drawn each 0.25 second between the last position and the current position

how do i make that?

i tried but it only rendered the last line!
and replaced the last line, please help!

i think it is solved.

import GameLogic as G
cont = G.getCurrentController()
own = cont.owner

if not hasattr(G, "list"):
        G.list = []

loc = own.localPosition

if own['t'] &gt;= 0.1:

#print loc
print " ______________________________ "
print G.list

I will use a global list to draw the lines… but not now.

that didn’t solve the problem, it needs tweaking :frowning:

edit: I found this thread :slight_smile: