Dream Interpretation?

Hi! I just had the oddest dream last night, and I would like it to be interpreted. It started off with me driving to my relatives’ house in a car, going along smoothly with traffic in a storm. Then, at a light, the car changed into a bicycle, preferably one that just did not seem to want to move forward very easily.

I got to my destination. There, my relatives’ house was unfamiliar, and they had an undetermined number of cats and two tigers, one light, the other dark with silky, shiny fur(they actually have no cats and two little chihuahuas). At one point, I was in the entertainment room, with the tigers circling around the room like sharks. The entertainment room was also wide open and lonely, with a Sims-like television stand in the center.

At another point I was with my uncle, sitting in his living room with the television going, the tigers still circling around. Then, the darker tiger jumped up on me! I could almost feel its weight pressing against me, though it was all just a dream. It got offa me, but then I told my uncle to get rid of the animals before someone gets hurt.
Flying pigs with black batwings were also trying to get in the house for some reason during the storm. I joined the cats downstairs and tried getting them to safety.
Then the dream switched, this time aroudn to my own home. My grandma was talking about the world and politics against a raging storm. The lights were flickering on the porch behind her. Then, finally, my mom reached over and turned off those extra flickering lights.

The last part of my dream concluded with my being in a huge, empty mall-like place. It had a vast glass ceiling, and I was at the bottom of the stairs. The sky was still grey. I think I had fallen off of somewhere but couldn’t get back up. I was all alone…that’s when I woke up.

I know this is long-winded, but could somebody try and interpret this for me please?

I’ll have a try, let’s see. It could be totally rubbish what I’m about to say…so…

Did I come close?

Dream interpretation is so subjective. Personally the technique seems a little like a fortune tellers or horoscopes method. Anything you say can be viewed as relevant to the interpretation and is therefore more or less meaningless.

Just happen to have a couple books on dreaming in the reference section here though. They make very good sources for story lines and plots. Parker’s Complete Book of Dreams and 10,000 Dreams Interpreted.

According these books:

Driving a car is almost always a male dream and is universally viewed as sexual drive.

Bicycles are a personal means of progress needing much balance.

Slowing down may mean you either need to slow down or want to slow down.

Freud felt that dreams of animals are about sensual passions and wild animals represent evil-instincts.

Cats are spiteful and self-defensive.

Tigers indicate you will be, or are being, tormented and persecuted. Having the tigers go away would seem to say you’d like to be rid of a problem very much.

Pigs are usually associated with greed.

Winged animals represent freedom and aspirations. Dreams of winged creatures may represent a need of some form of release.

Dreams of weird lights indicate disagreeable surprise.

People about to begin a new phase may dream of exploring new, unfamiliar rooms in a well-known house. These rooms represent unexplored potential. Buildings often represent the body or personality of the dreamer or of the lovers or family of the dreamer.

Stairs can represent opportunity. Inability to climb stairs could represent difficulty with some ambition.

Some people actually believe their horoscopes, some people actually buy dream interpretation. I couldn’t really say to be honest. My dreams are so off the wall as to be meaningless so I can only assume everyone’s dreams are the same.

To be sure though dreams are a reflection of your life so they may actually be interpretable. The few simple lines above are by no means exhaustive. And no interpretation from me. You can draw your own conclusions.

??? :o :smiley:

I never put much credence in those books. While the interpretations of specific symbols (individually) are often correct, the use of a symbol in a dream is not always the freudian one, either literally or metaphorically speaking.

The best person to interpret your dreams, other than a seer, is yourself. My dad has a gift for dream interpretation (some people do), but even he says that the dreamer is most qualified.

Symbols are often taken in conglomerate.

It sounds to me like you’re under a good deal of stress and you feel overwhelmed by all the things going on in your life. While there are some who seem to have some control over things (Grandma and Mom), they can’t solve your problems for you.

However, don’t ever believe that they will desert you. They may not appear to feel and understand what you do, but they really have been through it before. They may have forgotten somewhat what it’s like, but they still love you.

Don’t feel alone. This might sound funny, but do something nice and unselfish for someone you love. Cut the yard, or clean dishes, or visit and chat with, or whatever seems you that you can do without emotional grief. Don’t expect any reward for it, just do it because you love them. The more you act this way, even though it eats your own time a little, the better things will get. Honest.

And have fun at it. <grin>

I agree with that sentiment. So many authors appear to simply restate the dogma that’s been passed down from class to class. There is seemingly no real world influence sometimes.

Cars for example. A dream about a car could easily be interpreted as a desire for the “freedom of the road”. Women have fewer dreams about driving a car then men simply because men are more spatially oriented. And it probably isn’t a coincidence that young men begin to dream about cars as they mature sexually because that’s when they are allowed to begin driving. If children were allowed to drive then they’d almost certainly have similar dreams of driving. The event allows to recapture a state of equilibrium through the simple pleasure.

I wouldn’t be surprised if learning to fly an airplane didn’t have an effect as well. The occasional flying dream is likely a consistent flying dream for some pilots. For the sole reason their minds like the activity.

Just a couple jaded, real world thoughts taking up space. Rambling’s finished.

Well I think youre going to a wedding or a funeral very very far away.
You have a girlfriend 2 months now.
And you havent visited a friend from school for a long time (about 2-3 years) .


The meaning is clear: You hate your mother and are ambitious.

Try THIS one on for size: I dream about a raccoon the size of a dog. He begins to talk to me and form a bond, but I frighten him away by showing him a stuffed animal likeness of the Grinch (Who stole Christmas), who he contemptuously(sp?) refers to as “that bandit.”

If this has meaning, I don’t want to know what it is. He was a nice raccoon though. I felt bad about that whole Grinch incident. Poor guy.

I think you need to explain to your little raccoon friend that the Grinch eventually changed his ways. Forgive and forget, man.

not sure i buy into dream interpretation, cos if there are meanings nehind them, i am one messed up individual. for instance, i had a dream the other night where the fonz (from happy days) was a doctor AND a policeman, and was arresting people while operating on other people.

the dream ended when he asked a nurse for suction and i woke up laughing my ass off

OK in my dreams I almost always get stuck somewhere and find it impossible to move either forwards or simply my legs to go forwards. Sometimes I am trying to run but am stuck in a sloooow walk.

Other times all the colours dissappear and everything becomes blurred so I cant see anything.

Finally, I get stuck out of character (i.e. I am me, but everyone sees me as this other person with a different history) or I get thrown back into third person mode (I attribute this to too many games)

Normally this all happens just as the dream gets interesting and I want to know what happens next. Very irritating.

In short, my dreams have problems. Just my 2 cents :wink:

OK in my dreams I almost always get stuck somewhere and find it impossible to move either forwards or simply my legs to go forwards. Sometimes I am trying to run but am stuck in a sloooow walk.
[/quote]haha, me too! i once tried to run away for some kind of scary thing but i only run slower. Pretty hard to control youself and to do what ya want :o
and i once tried to wake up in my dreams, i knew i was dreaming but i could’nt wake up… weird :o
but usually i remember 1 out of 200 dreams :stuck_out_tongue: when i wake up

:o Interesting dreams!

Suu999, I agree with Duoas - the only person who will know if an interpretation is correct is the dreamer themselves. There are so many theories about what dreams are about, but I tend to think they are your brains way of trying to make sense of the overload of information it gets during the day.

The way you describe your dream, you are struggling against one thing after another. First, your bicycle won’t go very fast, then there are the tigers and pigs and things, then the flickering lights and finally being stuck in a place and not being able to get back up. Those are all events you had no control over in your dream. My guess is that it corresponds with how you feel at the moment - that there are lots of things, or a series of things, happening in your life that you feel you have no control over and feel you are constantly struggling. But only you would know whether that guess is near the mark or not and whether there is any deeper message in it than that. If that is the right interpretation, then I’d guess there isn’t a whole lot you can do about it - maybe time for a holiday??!!

I worked in a rehab for alcohol and drug dependent men for a year, and one of them had a dream about a pair of Nike trainers that were on fire. We asked him what he felt his dream meant. There is no way that we would have come up with the interpretation that this man came up with, but his interpretation makes a lot of sense and it was a powerful message in his road to healing. He felt that the Nike trainer represented name-label stuff - both clothing and gadgets like radios and stuff. He felt that it was on fire because he needed to give up buying designer things as the only way he could afford them was by peddling drugs, which would have led to his relapsing.

Anyway, that’s my tuppen’orth.

Interesting story Cyclingrelf, I never would have guessed that either.

Sirwebster, sometimes a cake is just a cake. Most dreams are just cake.

If you all want to get a better idea of how your dreams work, keep a pen and notepad next to your bed. When you first wake up, even if in the middle of the night, take a second to remember your dream and write it down. At first it’s hard to remember, but with time (about a month) you’ll become sufficiently proficient to at least remember the last dream you had. With more time you’ll remember more and more… :slight_smile:

When you write down your dreams, don’t just note what happened, but also:
-how you felt about it when it was happening
-how you feel about it now
-what you think it might mean (if you think it had a meaning at all)

When I was a kid, I once dreamt that a bunch of kids were picking on me. I said something like “you better stop or I’ll close my eyes and wake up”. They laughed and said I couldn’t do that. I did it on the second try. (Sure showed them! :stuck_out_tongue: :o :frowning: .) I’m only very rarely bothered by nightmares anymore, and only rarely by even bad (or excessively unpleasant) dreams. I think the last time I had a nightmare was four or five years ago, and likewise for the one before that…

Sweet dreams! :slight_smile:

Did you eat something before you went to bed?
I had a dream once about squid tentacles growing between my fingers, that was the same night I discovered I had this sleep paralysis thing


Why dont you answer?

Putting a thread up and not answering for 4 days.

Thats low man or are you still sleeping?

I’ve had a this dream about a million times:

Im running away from something thats chasing me. I can’t see it but i can feel it comming.ThenI trip and can’t get up.

and an other frequent one : Im on a narrow bridge without rails.I stumble and trip and falling all over the bridge as if Imy legs were controlled by someone else.

This one I saw last night:I was sitting In my schools corridor and I realize there is a terrace with a swimming poolThen suddenly my classmates invite me to sing and dance but I refuse and open my laptop.Then watch this 3d video clip where some trekkies jump from a treehouse and suddenly im using blender…

Any interpretations?

Hey everybody, thanx for your interpretations…my dream manual(which i haven’t used in eons) isn’t much of a help. Bigbad, guess I better start responding to my own posts rather than let everyone else do the work. Gotta remember that next post.

I only remember my dreams on few occasions. About once or twice a year but they are odd because they are rarely extraordinary and usually I dream of things that haven’t happened at the time.

A lot of people say this is just an illusion but here’s what happened:

I’m dreaming one night about running along the beach with relatives (an event which happened) but this time I have a problem running on my left leg.

Somewhere along the dream I am in a room that looks like the James Bond table with the laser and there is a guy in the corner of the room in a white coat operating some machine.

Just before I wake up covered in sweat, I look down at my left arm to see that there are stitches running up the length of my forearm and some going across the arm so it looks like a cross.

After waking up I quickly check my arm to see everything’s OK and it’s fine. Just a little wet.

I get up out of bed still thinking there is something wrong with my leg but everything is OK and it seems to have been just a bad dream.

Then a few months afterwards, I get a power saw in my left arm which leaves a clean cut across and about 80% deep so the cut goes right across the arm. Now I didn’t link the dream until after surgery because little did I know that they would take a nerve from my left ankle, which prevented me from walking on it for a while and still bothers me slightly.

Also unaware to me was the fact that the doctors would open my arm from the top to the bottom lengthwise so when I came to from the anesthetic, there was a big graft running down the length and a line of stitches across the middle.

What made the link to the dream really vivid was the X-Ray room. That was the room with the Bond style table and the guy in the corner. When I got in, it was just as I had dreamt.

To seal the deal, I know that in the dream, the stitches were in a cross shape and my arm is currently not like that yet. I’m in fact supposed to be getting surgery to stitch my arm up lengthwise. So how could I have dreamt that my arm had cross-shaped stitches before I even damaged my arm if it’s just an illusion?

What really bugs me is that the only dream I remember after that one includes me dying. Oh well, I’ll just have to wait and see I suppose. I really must try and look at a calender in my dreams so I know when these things are going to happen.

No worries mate. I thought you were going to like the korean guys over at cgtalk. :wink: