Dream: Knights of the Dream World

I’m currently working on a 3v3 or 6v6 fps game in bge that will release as an open source template for other developers to make their own versions.

Updates on the progress will be posted here.
If you have any ideas or suggestions feel free to post them here.


Suggestion - make it TPS. :slight_smile:

It might end up as a TPS if playtesting shows that it works better.
Any reason for that suggestion?

In my opinion TPS game is more fun to play - you can see your character in action - running, shooting, jumping etc. Option to switch 3rd person\1st person would be even more cool. :slight_smile:

someones personal opinion is hardly a good reason to overhaul the entire feeling of the game.

@Josip_Kladaric you are the developer. theres some cases where you must put your foot down.

in my opinion, competitive shooting games are best set as FPS. its all about how the game feels though.

ask yourself:

  • how important is the character to gameplay that it should take up valuable screen space?
  • how important is fast and accurate aiming?
  • will a third person camera give an unfair advantage? like looking around obsticles.

im in a similar place. im making a TPS and tried juggling a first person mode. i recently just scrapped it.

But i wrote it’s only my opinion. I just love TPS games. FPS games for me aren’t that fun. That’s why i love your template so much! :slightly_smiling_face:

nice man keep it coming buddy !!!


Thanks for the feedback.
I started working on this game from the hard part and that is multiplayer coding in this case.
Since I work as a 3D modeler, modeling will be the easy but time consuming part for me and I was hoping to get a few modelers interested to do some modeling while I code the basic functionality in but so far no luck.
All pieces of the game have been tested in test environments and the reference art is ready, its just time to put the sweat in.

When it comes to FPS vs TPS my preference is FPS but some of my favorite games are TPS so I don’t want to rule it out until the gameplay can be tested in both ways.

Maps are going to be small and the game is played in teams of 3, so 3v3, 3v3v3 or 3v3v3v3 and making it TPS might speed the game up because of increased visibility but testing will show do we need the speed bump.


Do you have any git repository where you upload your progress?

Also, how hard was it for you to implement networking? Is it even “finished” yet? :slight_smile:

No repository yet, the game will be closed source while in development and open source once released.
Networking is still wip and will be for a few more weeks but matchmaking servers are working and playtesting will start as soon as I make some models to move around.

Title makes me think high fantasy, I’m intrigued.
Got anything to share on setting/art style?


What happened to this project (?)

It requires a few features that need to be tested with a simpler game first. Multiple “Dream: x” games are in the works and the first one will be released in Alpha this week or the next one.