Dreamland Feedback

This was my entry into BlenderGuru Dreamland competition. I can see things that need improving, but i am pretty sure other people will see things that i dont

Think the eyes and ambient light is too bright which detracts from the action. I would expect a pillar of flame to color and shadow the scene more obviously and consistently than it seems to. On flames, they look too transparent and spoke like to me. Maybe a more upward billowing form could help? Mix in some smoke?

Keep at it anyway.

Hi reflector,

Nice picture with a colorful fantasy vibe. For some reason the cloth material on the bed looks a lot more realistic to me than the clothes the boy is wearing. Grass looks nice, you could add a little more detail or some rocks to the soil and maybe intersperse some more grass in there so there isn’t such a clean separation. I think flames would overpower other lights so you wouldn’t really get lens flare from the dragon’s eyes.