Dreamy Landscape - Blender Internal rendering, no photoshop..just blender.. :)

![http://www.uploadimage.co.uk/images/978448Landscape blender resize 2.jpg](http://www.uploadimage.co.uk/images/978448Landscape blender resize 2.jpg)

Another View…

![http://www.uploadimage.co.uk/images/203410Landscape blender with fog 2b.jpg](http://www.uploadimage.co.uk/images/203410Landscape blender with fog 2b.jpg)

![http://www.uploadimage.co.uk/images/680833close up landscape.jpg](http://www.uploadimage.co.uk/images/680833close up landscape.jpg)

Picture isn’t showing here.

You can copy/paste the url link in a new browser window, but a lot of people won’t be bothered to do that.

Oh – and very nice picture.

Absolutely stunning! Figure out how to embed this image here. Its too awesome to waste

Thanks… Could you give me where I can upload iamge easily…?? :slight_smile:

Do you have idea where I can upload my image…because the thumbnail of the image was not good from the website… it’s too small…I want a it looks good enough as a thumbnails here… thanks :slight_smile:

Very good renders first one I like better.

I like the first picture. Better lighting and shows more realistic detail and coloring. The grass on the right seems really thick and spongy. Think about not having it come over the edge as much. It will look like a sharper cliff. Also, I’m not sure what’s in the center. Is it a waterfall or a ledge? I see the water but then it stops at the rocks very abruptly. The rocks are very rounded in comparison to the rocky, jagged rocks making up the mountain. A scene like this is always a more difficult one. I’d love to see it with any changes you make!

Thanks … :slight_smile: I appriciate your feedback…I’ll try my best later… :slight_smile:

Looks great, but I am getting a a sense of miniature from the wider view. I think it is from the texture on the mountains being a little large. All in all, a stunning render. Love the fact that it is BI.

Thanks maria… :slight_smile: I’ll try to make more believeable for the next time … :slight_smile:

beautiful work!

Thanks blenderificus… :slight_smile: I hope you have an idea how to improve that image… :slight_smile:

Great composition and render, and quite realistic . 1 vote for Gallery ;D

Wow, amazing work!

Looks good

Good work, dude.
Nice BI skills you got there.

The only thing that could possibly be worked on is the background, it looks like you can use a couple of subdivisions there to iron out the hallmarks often seen with low-resolution geometry, the mapping on the background could be improved somewhat and you could use some more textures to hide any repeats.

Everything else looks quite good though.

Thanks dude… Keep spirit and Happy Blending ! :slight_smile:

Thanks… :slight_smile: Happy Blending

Thanks Shane… ! :slight_smile: