Dress your naked humans. Posable clothing made easy.

12 dec 2005: Fixed for 2.4 alpha

This is a very small script, but can save a lot of work to anyone attempting to create really interchangeable poseable clothes for their human models.

No complex cloth simulation here, just dressing human models with clothing objects which will deform along with the character for animation or posing by projecting the weight maps on the clothes object. With hooks and constraints you may even create new effects.


Easily create your own garments (tutorial), or import clothes from any resource, most commonly avaliable for the Poser program.

Use them on any human model, your own already rigged humans (make your own models!), imported from poser, or made with makehuman.

Of course the first basic condition is that garments fit and they cover the nude body (in rest position).

To use this script:

  1. Make sure face normals of clothing are pointing to the outside.
  2. Back up your work.
  3. Parent your clothing object to the same armature the body is parented to.
    (Just for fun, set the body armature to some pose).
  4. Select the source object (body).
  5. Select the target object (clothes).
    IMPORTANT: Always body first, clothes second, if not, body weight maps are DESTROYED.
  6. Run the script.

The number popup requester is for some issue I have not quite solved. For most cases a value of around 0.8 is good, basically this will prevent the influence from the wrong leg in trousers (lower the value if undesired results). I advice not to model your clothes with faces facing the body (they are not visible anyway), but if you do, a value closer to 1.0 will be necessary or some vertices will not be correctly assigned.

Of course you can always fix things by hand.

If the skin shows through your clothes, some tweaking of weights may still be necessary, or even adding vertices to the clothes object to bend more smoothly.

Look for it here: http://kokcito.tk

Nice work, just one precision :

The both objects must have the same pivot location to avoid stranges results (because your script don’t work whith ‘global’ vertex location, but with ‘local’ vertex location).


cool stuff… I have to try it out when I’m @ home.

Anyone want to give this a go?

It would be a great companion function for softbodies.

your site is not there so I can not get the script

Direct link:

Sorry, I was trying to get me a few hits to keep the free address. Now I know better to never use free redirection again.

Quick to find bug!.. Local, global… Stupid me, no wonder this was so easy! I guess I really need to not release things which are just two days old! This will get things slower than they already are (sad face). Thanks.

Too sophisticated for me even to understand. Will it be ever implemented in Blender? I just try to make simple posable clothes.

You know what! What the heck, I will try something bold. I’m going to write the authors of this paper to ask them to implement it in Blender. If they are not in for the patents, then Blender can help them out very well. Because they don’t need to build everything from scratch, only their clothing routine, thus they don’t have to do do batlle with bugs and stuff…

OMG! Kansas will be thrilled!

Sin no more, blenderheads! :slight_smile: %|

Better still , I’ve written a couple of e-mails to all those heavyweight university crowd. I will start a thread in News and Chat.
The first response is VERY positive:
Check this website:

And this is the mail I sent:

I tried to solve the global coordinates issue, and things seem to work all right, even if both objects have their centers in different places and have different sizes and rotations. So unless new flaws are found, this should be a usable script, people in other forums have actually said it worked for them.

(Updated script) http://kokcito.tk

Can’t get your script working, could you confirm ?


Tried under 2.4 alpha, I had to do some workarounds to make it work.