Drifting Game [WIP]

Hey there Guys!!:smiley:

I have started working on a topdown 3d drifting game
Wanted to remake my 2d Drifting game I had once made with Game Maker, 4 years ago…

Have been working hard to achieve playable physics without using vehicle constraints :slight_smile:


Download: (UPDATE!!) (Current Version - 2.0)

Arrow Keys - Control the car
R key - Reset Car

Known Bugs:
- reverse turning is flipped

  • skidmarks are added in the air sometimes
  • skidmarks are always added while reversing

Hope yall like it :slight_smile:


3 days of hard work and atlast I managed to write a good Skidmarks script using BGL :cool:
It was tough… I had to learn Open Gl basics to use BGL and this was the first time in my life that I had to make Flowcharts to help me code it. :stuck_out_tongue: Ahh 3 layers of List - in - List and atlast it is Done…

Hope it does not cause too much fps drop… as the rasteriser reaches 12%… (though Im getting 60 on my ‘not so modern’ Rig)


Sorry guys for not posting any videos (probably the reason for no replies…) Will surely post it in the next Update… :slight_smile:

Forgot to mention - The skidmarks version has not been uploaded… Ill give the new download on the next update… sry

good work - looks like classic gta

Wow, the way the car handles is AWESOME!
The drifting is very smooth and extremely satisfying, especially when drifting onto a ramp.

It’s a nice little sandbox, it would definitely keep me entertained for hours if I was trapped on an island.
5/5 =]

@CPU - haha… Actually I started this project as a GTA Chinatown style game… but then I thought that city cars dont drift that much :eek:… and a sandbox game is too much work… So I decided to make a drifting game out of it…

@RandomPickle97 - Thanks alot! I really wanted to know how the handling felt… Haha maybe you would have other stuff to do when trapped on an Island… :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad yall liked it… :slight_smile:

Great work! I’d like to know how you created those realistic wheel skidmarks, been trying to do it for ages. :stuck_out_tongue:


Have been busy lately so I could not progress with the development but Im free again for a few days… So here is a small update…
SMOKE!! :cool:

hmm still getting 60fps (with skidmarks and smoke)… Hope everybody gets the same… :slight_smile:

UPDATE!! Added new version download link (with skidmarks and smoke)! (see first post)

Hope you all get good fps… Incase fps is low… please mention your configuration and when does the game slow down…
Kindly report any bugs that yall come across…

Thanks. :slight_smile:

cant wait to play this.

@mrn - thanks :slight_smile:
(I guess you are talking about the final game… as I have already given the link to the current version :D)

I’d suggest looking into a “loss of traction” mechanic instead of the car feeling like it always has the exact same friction acting on it. The car sort of just slides around at all times, but a real car drifts for very specific reasons and there isn’t really a smooth curve up to the drift. It’s a point at which the car loses a significant portion of it’s traction. Check out the wobble on a car as it comes out of a drift and catches traction again, it’s the same thing just the other way around, regaining instead of losing traction. If you can get that working, it’ll greatly improve the controllability of the vehicle when not drifting and add some nice dynamism to the handling.
Just out of curiousity, do you have some sort of setup to encourage the car to stay upright? I half expected this to just have a lot of random flipping of the car and resetting as a result, because that seems to be the sort of thing that little projects like this overlook. Was that intentional?
But good job, I have no idea how any of this stuff works, so it’s cool to see and touch.
Can’t report any performance issues but I do have a pretty high end PC so I’d have been pretty surprised to experience any.

@MordeaniisChaos Actually the current version uses a ‘Test Script’ just to add basic mechanism to the car… Im still working on that (adding gears and stuff). Actually I wanted to handle friction the same way you described but Im still searching for a way to change object friction…
Well Im not using the vehicle wrapper as it does not support Drifting… Actually I have a box with low friction simulating the drift with torque and forces.

I didn’t quite get that but yes I have an anti roll ‘Forced Rotation’ to keep the car upright (You can see that working if you successfully hit the buggy C-flip ramp). It is to prevent rolling when drifting at large angles and have stability if the car makes a jump tho I wont be having any jump ramps in the racetracks. :smiley: