Drifting with the vehicle wrapper(2.49b)

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anyway i was wondering if anybody has ever gotten some decent drifting with the vehicle wrapper, i try messing with the tire friction and it either whips around, or doesnt turn at all, i think the main problem is that in real life when the back end of a car starts to turn around, it loses grip, ive tried making it so that when the player hits the e-brake it removes rear-grip, but i can only either have it low or high, when in reality there would be a bunch of numbers in-between. Also the power would remain on the rear wheels, but thats not the case with the vehicle wrapper…any suggestions?

I’m working on a racing game (in parallel with my other projects) and imo, stay away from the vehicle wrapper; it is quite inefficient in my experience, and you can’t use it for AI as it has such a massive overhead (maybe it’s just my constant pursuit of efficiency because I have a crap PC).

I used rigid body constraints for the wheels, 6DOF with some restrictions, and with this set up and some cleverly placed forces have been able to get close to drifting (adding a forward engine force when turning to keep the cornering tight) - I’m not looking to incorporate drifting, but some tweaks could perfect it. Rigid body constraints can be found in the animations panel, you have to make one for each wheel on the chassis, using the wheels as the targets.

The only drawback is that spawning cars with these constraints is more than tricky, though a python work-around wouldn’t be impossible if I remember correctly, I think there was mention of being able to register Rigid Body constraints in game, though possibly I’ve remembered incorrectly.