Drink Beer

This is my first try on doing some photorealism.
Okay, its not ready, that´s why I´m here.
It is rendered with Blenders Internal Raytracer.
Bottles will get labels in future, also the wood needs some more effects.
I like the models, they are pretty much exactly austrian beerbottles, caps and beeropener.
What I am not happy with are the beerbottles itself, the color is quite fine, but they not really glossy like glass, more like plastic, I have tried a lot, if somebody has some good glossy glas settings I would appreciate that…
The shadows are still to sharp and the shadow of the glass is to less (some hints how to correct it would also be nice;) (lots of questions…)

And of course all comments…

I tried yafray, it works quite well without GI, but there I can stick to Blender.
If I am using GI or Photonlamps etc. even a small render takes hours, so my 2Ghz/256 Ram Machine is not the best.

I updated the pic (29.9.)


Some ideas to try…

Increase the hardness of your specular reflection to tighten up the highlight.

If you’re using ray-traced transparency, set the IOR to about 1.5, which is the index of refraction of actual glass.

Put a low energy spot-light in the rear bottle pointing toward the shadow on the back wall, which will give the illusion of caustics coming from your main light source through the bottle.

when dealing with any glass or chrome material, you need to use yafray. Honestly, if you used yafray on this image it would make it 100% better. if you would like, supply the blend file, and i’ll render it in yafray and show you the difference.

For an easily controllable shadow, try this:

  1. Add your primary light sources.
  2. Duplicate your primary light sources, and place them exactly over your original lights. (Shfit + D, then right click, I think.)
  3. Turn off shadows on the light duplicates.
  4. Now, just adjust the intensity of the shadow casting lights to get the lighter/darker shadow effect that you want. (You may want to try using buffershadows instead of raytraced shadows as they’ll be render more quickly.) This way you can control the overall brightness of the objects and the lightness/darkness of your shadows separately.:slight_smile:

One other little suggestion that I have is to add a normal map to the brick wall that you have, so that the shadow cast on it doesn’t look flat.

The pic’s coming along nicely, though, so keep up the good work.:smiley:

Will try to raise the IOR (i am using raytracing of course)

There is already a Bumpmap on the brickwall (nor 10, which is quite high, but shadows are still flat…)
will do some more shadow tests.

First ofall i have this lighting problems, I raised the energy of the lamps, but the beerglass is still milky.
Also the brickwall is very dark, I suppose I have to reduce the bumpvalue in yafray
Woodbump looks also ugly
So I am still fighting with the fileconversion for yafray (not to mention GI…)

Thanks for the hints, I will updatre the poic soon (perhaps also some yafrayworks.)

I have updated the pic.
This will be the base for the pic.
After playing arrund, I decided to use composites for the shadow and fake_caustics.
I put some “window-reflections” on the bottles- what u think about that…

Any kind of tips and critics are wellcome!

Better. :slight_smile: Bottles still need work on values. They are too dark, and could be improved by allowing a few separate coloured spot lights illuminate them, as well as adding some displacement / distortion to their shape (hold a real beer bottle against a window and look through it - there is a lot of distortion)
… the cement seems to come out more than the brick… sure the bump map isn’t inverted?
Love the stains on the table.