Driven shape key problems (again) now with blend

OK, I’ve tried to make shape-keyless shoulders, it didn’t happen. (surprisingly there is little info on google about shoulder rigs). So I am back with the same problem as before, I can’t seem to get both shape keys working at once. Could someone tell me what I am doing wrong? Thamks

i removed the drivers under the IPO window and set the values to the maximum. It got the effect I think you wanted, but I don’t think this method will work on realistic muscle. Heres the file back, you may be able to figure out how to get the drivers to work so they work right, instead of being active all the time. So long as its on the Base Key both shoulder will work as intended.


jack7.blend (556 KB)

Ninja, thanks for checking out my file. What i need to happen is for the arm to go back to its original shape when down, and the bone drives the shape key to happen when the arm is raised, hence the IPO. Anyone else?

I’ve noticed something strange, when I pin the shape, one shoulder loses the deformation, and one gains it. When I un-pin it, the deformation switches shoulders. This has got to be something so simple… I have gone through the mancandy faq, Intro to character animation, and the wiki, I really don’t know why this isn’t working.

Some how you managed to give your shapekeys both absolute and relative curves (or kept the absolutes and added new relative curves) … A quick fix is to simply select the “…” basis curve to reveal the absolute curves and just move the basis curve up along the X axis above both your absolute shapekeys … and your driven shapekeys will work … but one of your shapeky curves will be renamed “…” and your basis will be named “basis” …

You will have to redo your shapekeys (with “relative” turned on in the Shapekey panel !) to get a “clean” setup though … as both the absolute and relative curves are linked (if you delete one both get deleted) …