Driver in local orientation


How can I add a driver to a local axis? In my case, the object (empty) is rotated 6 degrees in X axis, and I need to control its Z Local axis.

I don’t know if there is a better solutio to this but it works:
Just parent your object to an empty that is rotated at the exact angle you want the object to be. Because the driven transformation data is always relative to its parent or the world if it is not parented.

Patrick, thanks for responding. It didn´t work… Looking at the attached image, I parented the Rudder to the Empty, and I want to add a driver to the Empty´s Z local axis, but I think it´s rotating in Global orientation. I tried to add a driver to Z Rudder, but it also didn´t work…

Oh, I misread your question.
What I mean is, you shold put the object/empty on which you want to drive the local axis as a child to another empty.

See the attached video:

The circle-empty is the parent of the axis-empty. The axis-empty has an driver (the sin() of the custom propertie) on the Z-Axis and is not rotatetd. The circle-empty (parent) is rotated at the angle you wnat to (in your case 6°).

Thank you, Patrick! It´s working!