Driver problem for vehicle wheels

Hi, I assigned each wheel a single driver for rotation. This is set up to tell the wheels to rotate when the control empty moves on the y axis. So basically when the vehicle moves forward all 4 tires rotate the same direction. FYI… I am using the golf cart top as the controller… not an empty if that matters.

It’s working correctly, except for one major problem… when the vehicle moves forward… the wheels rotate backwards of what they should… when it goes backward… the wheels rotate the opposite wrong direction.

How can I fix the rotation problem with this driver setup?

Well I found a workaround, but the only reason it worked is because all 4 wheels were identical in size and design. Basically I had to unparent everything …select all 4 wheels…rotate 180 deg. on the z axis.

I’m going to hold off marking this solved until maybe someone replies with what maybe could have been done to correct the problem in leau of this workaround.

You could have added a Generator modifier to your driver and change the 1 to -1. You might still want to add this modifier if you want to change the amount of rotation of the wheels relative to the motion of the cart.

Well that’s good to know there was another way… I haven’t done much with drivers in general, so I will have to learn what the generator modifiers do, but thanks for the recommendation. Currently I am kind of "eyeballing the turning, and just keyframe animating and empty that the tires are parented to.

Thanks again Alan, I think I’ll mark this solved now.

Hey I had the same problem but I just rotate my vehicle 180 degrees and it worked. I still need to find out how to make the front wheels turn

@mccormick789 For the setup I’m using, I just created an empty and parented the front wheels to that empty, and then just rotate the empty to simulate steering the front wheels. I’m sure there are some other ways also.