Driver setup is not working

i have a driver setup, but for some reason the values are at 1 (full) and i can’t use them.
(i am in version 2.79)
here is the blend file, tell me if (or what) is wrong with my setup.
character head rigging V1.blend (803.7 KB)

Your Fcurve keys are aligned on the same exact frame.
With all Fcurves visible:
Grab and move the first keys to (0,0)
Then grab and move the second keys to (10, 1)

it does not look like that to me, did you open it in 2.79? (i just realized i forgot to put that i was in 2.79 in the description)

Ahh, sorry. I work in 2.82 :wink:

But try zooming out in the graph editor, frame all of your keys to make sure they don’t overlap on the same frame.

yep, that worked, now i see it, thanks!