Drivers problem.

[INDENT=5]Hi guys!, I broke my head few days, but no luck:

  • I need to get the index of an object itself to use its index into a python expression, I can get the index on the python console, but the code won´t works on the expression field, also if I use the name property, into the Path: using the single Property, always returns 0, I was thinking to use the object name to get the value for example cube.001 split it to obtain 1 or cube.002 split it to obtain 2, etc., I did it with the context, works fine but when I render the scene all the objects changes its position, because the context changes, so I need a solution to use the index of the objects[“cube.001” or whatever name], so when I duplicate the object its duplicated drivers uses its new index to make some math into the Expr: field. I need Something like a self reference, I hope I´ve been clear on my explanation, please I need a clue.