Driving Game Problem

(BMD) #1

ok, i am playing around with the game engine, and i am trying to do a car, well, it isn’t a game, but you do drive it. how would i make it so that the wheels when going sideways have greater friction on the car, i mean come on, it is supposed to be much harder to go sideways in a car than foreward…

by the way right now it is just a single wheel, then i’ll make a chassis


(Pooba) #2

Apply some friction to the groun (add a material to the ground, click dyn and then make the friction up a bit) then in the realtime buttons of your car click antiscoptic friction. Make the friction for your car’s forward axis a lot less than the side axis. Also make sure you put 0 for your car’s verticle axis or else it’ll have a hard time going up hills.