Driving multiple transformations with one slider

I’m new to Blender. In Maya, all you needed to do was move positions of whatever you were moving and then key frame the SDK.

In blender it seems to be a world of difference as it seems you can only one work with one attribute at a time. Are there any tutorials or documents on how to have a 0-1 slider driver multiple transformations from point A to point B?

Or is there a way to set a driver between poses?

Hey, Welcome to BA , You can set up a ‘Custom Property’ and use drivers.

That part I’ve figured out. But I don’t understand how to efficiently key multiple transformations and multi bones under one slider, to move in all kinds of different directions. The tutorials on the subject are all basic ‘average value’ drivers that move an object in one direction. I need to move multiple objects with one slider.

Essentially, key them in one place at a value of 0, then at value 1 key them in a another place. How can I do this?

Action constraint seem to be your friend.

Hey, Let me apologize for not knowing what you are referring to in Maya, but I’m pretty sure I have seen this question asked once or twice before, you might try searching this site. Also with out at least a screen shot or pic of your specific situation, I’m just guessing here. As far as using ‘custom properties’ and ‘drivers’, it is some what limited in scope. You stated;

That statement could be interpreted in several different ways, so it’s hard to give you a specific answer. If you could post a screen shot or pic with a description that would be a lot of help. Thanx

Thank you Skaux. Exactly what I was looking for.

Hey Ajcfin, I want to say thank you for welcoming me to the community. Sorry I didn’t do that earlier, I was pressed for time yesterday.

Skaux answered my question. Action constraint is the solve I was looking for. Thank you for your attention and attempt to help solve my issue as well.

You are welcome. And welcome in this great community