driving problem of shooting

I am French and I cannot speak English, I use a translator.
I want to say to you that your forum is super! cheer!
in this moment I create a game play but I have a problem with the engine of shooting… you will see the balls never leaves in the good direction or rather it leaves in the good direction right to some place…. dice which I change direction (position) it does not leave any more in the good direction…. veiled the bond:

the ball is on the nonopen copy…

thank you In advance


Ok, hi and welcome to the forums! i had a look at your game and i like the sounds you have used!! there nice, also the gun and its animations are really cool, i think i know what your trying to say:

Problem: When you shoot the gun it will go in the right direction somtimes, but when you rotate it goes off in a weird direction, we had this problem with one of our games we made, but that was a while ago and i cant remember how we sorted it :frowning: i do remember that it wasnt easy to fix (at least at that time anyway) but if i can remember how (i’ll take a look at our game try work out how we sorted it) i will be sure to post again to help you out!


This is a rare event :slight_smile: If it’s within my power to help you, I will…

OK Thank you very much: -) I continuous my test bye

Good luck :slight_smile: