Droid | Procedural

Hi there, here is my latest project.

I wanted to dig deeper into the procedural tools in Blender, so the various parts are modeled using this stack of modifiers

and all shading is also procedural as I didn’t use any texture nor had to create UV’s, which was a great time saver.

Hope you like it!


Here some close-ups


Good job. :+1:

A real beauty!

And thanks for sharing your workflow. Some nice knowledge in there.

Looks good.
However the metal material lacks metalness or have too much roughnes, does not look like metal even with dirt and scratches.

Thanks @JosephC

Cheers, I believe sharing is growing @Nitram_2000

Thanks, yea I was split if reducing the roughness, making him more shining. However I decided to go matte as looking at robotic machines like Boston Dynamics and the army stuff tend to be like that. I may try reducing it. :+1: @Ratchet

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That’s awesome! I like it.
How long did you take to finish the artwork?

Thanks @1-foxrenderfarm, it took a while :sweat_smile: as I worked on it during very little spare time with an average of 1h per week since October 2019. Also this included the r&d for the workflow.

That looks pretty amazing, good work! :grinning:

I also found that using just modifiers on rough poly models gives a pretty decent base for hard surface parts in Blender. Much simpler in fact than trying to sculpt everything from a sphere. :wink:

amazing work! Glad you are enjoying blender!

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@Ionflux thanks! Actually my first step of designing the character is done with a rough sculpture. After that I build the final geometry from scratch on top of it. Yes, also I found that modifiers gives you flexibility to explore different solutions pretty quickly.

@masterxeon1001 cheers, and yes I am finally back enjoying the craft, especially with Eevee and the procedural tools.