DrQueue works!

This post serves to pay tribute to JORGE DAZA, author of DRQUEUE, which, btw, is an extremely useful piece of functional software, for his patience guiding me through the correct installation procedure.
You rock man! :smiley: THANK YOU!

Pedro Doria Meunier.

thanks pdoria,
i tried DrQueue briefly and had some troubles, but your success has inspired me to give it another go.

Now you are equiped to make a tutorial for us all. Time to give back what you have learned and save Jorge Daza some time.

a tutorial would be great…if you have the time =)

Hi BlenderHeads! :smiley:

Well… you’re right… time to give back what I’ve learned from Jorge Daza.
So here goes the ‘quick & dirty’ solution:

1st. go through the install procedure explained at DrQueue’s site.
PAY EXTRA ATTENTION at those environment variables! You have to set them in your .bashrc file. do whatever procedure you like to activate them (relogin, etc…)

2st. make a NFS share (ex. /mnt/shared/DrqQueue). chmod it so that you don’t have any permission issues. the envvars set in step 1 must match the nfs share! ex. if you’ve created a nfs share /mnt/shared/DrQueue then DRQUEUE_ROOT must be set to /mnt/shared/DrQueue.

3rd. compile and install it. it’ll get installed in that shared folder. hold on to your hats! we’re halfway through! :smiley:

Now for a quick test:
execute /mnt/shared/DrQueue/bin/master —> this’ll start the master
execute /mnt/shared/DrQueue/bin/slave —> this’ll start a client
execute /mnt/shared/DrQueue/bin/drqman —> this’ll call the GUI. check if there’s a computer (your own!) listed in that ‘Computers’ tab. if it’s there your master computer is set up!

now for the SLAVES:
all you have to do is mount that nfs share somewhere… say /mnt/DrQueue.
Something that helps is to mount the share at boot time… editing your /etc/fstab and adding the appropriate line will do the trick.

if you’ve mounted it there then exec /mnt/DrQueue/bin/slave.
go back to the master. you should see another computer listed there!

Something important about the scene files and textures:
You must place the scene files inside that shared folder. same thing with the textures that are referenced inside the scene file.
A neat trick is to pack the scene file and then unpack it inside the shared folder. this way all the textures are unpacked at /the/shared/folder/textures .remember to save the scene file after doing this!

Hope this helps. Happy Blending!

Pedro Doria Meunier - [email protected]

AHK!! I can’t execute the master, slave, etc files. drqman, the gui, runs fine though! I don’t understand why the other’s won’t execute though. This is what it says…

./master: line 24: /mnt/shared/DrQueue//bin/master.Linux: cannot execute binary file

I’m so confused, and I need to get this working VERY SOON! Help ASAP!