Drum pedal design

After initially wanting to explore some different bass drum pedal designs with blender,
I decided to model first based on a more conventional, chain drive pedal to get
a better understanding I can base other designs on. I would say this one is
somewhat influenced by both pearl and yamaha models quite unconsciously, as I have
a fair amount of time playing and tweaking those pedals, however when I did the modelling
I used no references, except for some of the spring assembly-years of hanging out in music
shops drooling over inaccessible drums and hardware at work here!

As a drummer I have a pretty good idea of what I want in a pedal, and I
figured I might try and take a model of one to a functional level of detail
and see if I cant get some simulation of the pedal action in the game engine.


Others I 'm looking at exploring are the direct drive (or direct link),nylon strap
and a dual chain drive with the simple modification of centreing the beater in both single
and double versions(rather then having the cam in the centre and
beater to one side of the drum head(skin), resulting in an undesirable
alternation in the pitch of the left and right pedal strokes.

Anyhow heres how its looking so far… mainly focused on proportions
since this will determine the feel of the pedal to a great extent,
quite a lot of work to go in the details.

I’m looking at using displacements for branding relief and grip on the footplate
but not sure how to go about applying one as surface projection rather than micro poly displacement?

constructive criticism appreciated

progress: mostly cleaning up duplicate edges-polygon debugging more or less! simplifying and trying not to get caught up with the the details… yet. busy with other things, but watch this space… :slight_smile:

Looks good!

On my drum pedal, there is an additional roller where the spring attaches to the top cam on the right-hand side. You have left that out. This means when you play, your virtual drum pedal, it would not kick back smooth and eventually rub metal against metal and break. Also, associated with the spring, the connector at the bottom should push on through and be threaded. That is how you adjust the tension on the pedal.

It looks good, I am just nit-picking.

That’s good design and modelling. Keep up !

a small update, wireless is prohibitively expensive for me at the moment but i thought i’d throw a playful render up to show where I went with some basic surfacing, subsurface
scattering and decal/grip on the otherwise flat pedal surface.


lazily busy with other projects and have since began another more progressive single
and double pedal design, but will post a final model and render for the ‘proto’ single chain after a few modifications.

thanks for checking it out.
cons crit/comments helpful!