Drum Set Finished Project

Hello everyone, i’m a new Blender 3D user, i use it 2 months now and i love it. I’d like to share with you my finished drum set project. It was done with Blender 3D and Blender’s Internal Renderer (Not Cycles). Any critique is acceptable.

Really nice model, and nice details! Congrats, i play with my band every week and i think it’s quite accurate :wink:

You could improve the scene around and the overall lighting, it’s a bit flat imho, and keep in mind that your pieces are flying over the pavement :slight_smile:


looks great :slight_smile: the modelling is awesome.

That bass drum is a bit dirty for my liking, but that’s a model to be proud of :wink:

What, no sticks? How will I play it?:wink:

Nice job, my only crit is that the floor needs to come up just a touch. It looks like the stands are floating above the floor based upon the way the shadows are rendered.

Excellent job after you’ve tweaked the floor position. :slight_smile:

Thank you all for your advices, i will keep them in mind for the upcoming projects… I hope i will get better and help others aswell in the future… Thanks again all of you guys :slight_smile:

Good model, and textures look good, too. Only, shadows are a bit washed out, and the rim of the big drum does not project any shadow (ar at least a too tiny one) on the skin, that so looks too flat.

Thank you for the advices Zander, i will try to improve it in the near future and try to be more careful on my next project :slight_smile:

Hahaha my fault Atom, i will make a pair of drumsticks too… Thanks for your advice :slight_smile: