Drum set

Here’s my drummer’s drum set from my old band str8jacket:

unfortunately the band split earlier this year, but i still plan on making music videos for our album. check out myspace.com/metal4thepeople for a couple of our songs

where are the shadow? Did you put raytracing on? Good modeling though

Hey, the Blender Band is looking for a cheap set of drums :slight_smile:

(The magic of Blender’s compositing nodes :slight_smile: )

Here’s the blend file



Arachai, please compress the image a bit, as it is over a megabyte. That could take a few minutes to download for people with dial-up.

Nice job on the drum set.


Had to laugh as soon as the thumb nail loaded… Great job! Is it just me, or is AJ’s head not attached to his neck? Also, you should turn up the color spill to get rid of those black edges (you did use the ChromaKey version of Blender, right?)

“AJ” has a long neck to start with :), but I scaled his head and body armature’s down to .9 to fit into the frame. So maybe something did get exagerrated :smiley:

I am happy the way the picture turned out, considering that I basically used “brute force” methods :cool:

I.e. I didn’t use any camera matching technique, as I’m not really up on any software that does it. So I just roughly positioned Ludwig and kept tweaking and re-rendering over and over (only took about 10 seconds to render Ludwig and composite him. (~2:45 for the final scene … not raytraced just OSA 8)

Didn’t use Bob’s chromakey, just “straight” (CVS though 2.42a should work) blender. I included a link to the blend file in my previous post. It’s just an alpha over, and I also used a translate node to move the drums picture slightly.

I had to bring the picture into a paint program and erase the background (I suppose with the chromakey I might have been able to key it out). But I was just trying for a quckn’dirty result with the end idea in mind.

Took me about 4 hours to get it together ! :eek:

I’d like to know how to get those nice shiny textures onto the drums. I haven’t spent very much time at all with the materals /texturing section of Blender :smiley:



thanks for the input yoeri, i completely forgot to add the shadows! i was in too much of a hurry to post it… but now i have added shadows. and to mike s… i have to say that looks pretty cool. i’ll be posting a music video one of these days, with my full band. hope everyone likes!

and here is the actual blend file. for those with a slow connection, this is a 12MB file.http://www.4shared.com/file/5412810/6220d354

Thanks for the file !

Now I can expand on the beginnings of that scene into an animation :slight_smile:

(Did you save it “compressed” ? … if not that will help reduce the size .)

edit compressed it’s only 2.2 meg :slight_smile:

Is there any downloadable (mp3 /wav) music for your (old) band? I can’t see for looking on that link you posted :slight_smile:

Check out some pics of “The Blender Band” with the new drumkit : :smiley: