Drunk & Dragon (animations)

this is an animation test I’ve done to train animation. I also had fun refining the rig, which is now quite good i think. The scene is just a "proxy"since it was made only as background. Don’t drink, if you have no stomach for that!
2 links: 1 is rendered anim and 1 animatic.


here a link to previous part of the story, if u didn’t see it :slight_smile: :

and the Dragon, which was a little modelling excercise - “do everything in Blender” in a few hours - that means also textures were painted in Blender, and the postpro glow too.
Here’s an animation test - to test softbody ears - notice it doesn’t work with armatures :slight_smile:
but you can see the SSS better.

fantastic! 10 stars from me :wink:


Neat skeleton …

And that’s a more different dragon than I’ve seen in a while.

Almost looks like you could make it into a latex hand puppet or something from the shape.

Kinda cute :slight_smile:

Cool, I’ve never even considered painting textures using blender. Would you recommend it?

I’ve always had trouble with biological figure textures, perhaps painting in blender could give better results then I’m used to. Although, I only use a mouse, I don’t have a stylus or electronic pen, so maybe that’s part of my downfall.

Do you use a mouse?

Really like the Dragon. I can’t tell if his eyes move in the animation though - feel like they aren’t tracking to the camera when he turns his head. Of course if it was just a rough animation to show off the model, then that’s why :slight_smile: Also, was wondering what might be causing that triangular artifact to appear right in the middle of his forehead at the end of the animation.

Star Weaver: yes, he was supposed to look like a kind or kid dragon. I’m glad you can see that on him :slight_smile:

Smoking Mirror: I was very surprised by blender’s texture painting capabilities, and I did this with a mouse, not a tablet. I actually thought about making a library of Brushes, since with that you could more see what you can do with them.
Also, the Dragon is a very simple mesh with 3 or 4 levels of Multiresv, and all the details are a bumpmap painted in B. too.

Dan - I don’t know too, but I think it has something to do with the softbodies, The eyes track, but just a little. :wink:

thx for replies.

Your short drunkard sequence, both the mpg and the avi, were very good and also entertaining. The drunk’s movements were a little off I thought. There was a bit more body control than there should have been to my thinking. Not faster but perhaps wider more exaggerated movements. I like it.

thanx for pointing at it. I made it to learn animate better:)

Awesome texturing! I really like all the little wrinkles.

Looks good. The animation is coming along nicely, although it’s a bit stiff and robotic (I know it isn’t easy to get rid of this at all).

Keep up the good work!

Great, What shader scheme have you used? It is looking Real.