Dual Monitor Problem

Hi there, I have dual monitors at home and work, same vid card/drivers/operating system.
At work I can stretch blender across both screens fine. At home when I stretch it across, the display turns black on the second monitor. Just the blender views are black, regular windows and apps still look fine. Blender on the first monitor remains fine. Any fixes for this?:spin:

I’m using a nvidia card runing under windows and there you can deactivate 3daccelaration for one monitor or activate accelaration for both monitors.
The option is listed in the “nvidia control panel\manage 3d settings” and then the entry that says “multi-display/mixed-gpu acceleration”. Perhaps that can solve your prob.

I am at work, so I am unable to test it at home, but after switching this setting here, I get the same problem, so I assume it will fix it at home. Thank you so much!

Note: If you plan on playing a game turn back on single monitor performance mode.
If you keep on the multiple monitor performance mode it drains power from your GPU eventhough there is nothing on your second screen.