Dual monitors and active windows

Is it possible to set up Blender in a way I don’t need to click again to shift focus
from one monitor to the other? For example, I am working in a perspective view on my main screen,
and then I want to rotate something on the top view I have on secondary screen, however to do that, I must
always click again to focus it and it can get pretty distracting…

This did work in a certain recent build, but I don’t remember which one, and I jumped from joy…
Now the most recent is 2.71 test build 2 and it doesn’t work anymore :(. I’m note even sure if it’s something I did…Any tips maybe?

I use a windows mouse utility that automaticaly activates the window under the cursor. It does not work perfectly but better than the Blender default. I also would love to see this feature inside blender :slight_smile: because currently the dual monitor is more of a pain than a real advantage…

I did that by stretching Blender to both screens and then making 2 or more views by dragging those triangle corners, so you have focus in that 3DView which has mouse cursor top of it.

Works well with two identical monitors, but having one larger monitor for work and a smaller one for reference or whatever else needs two separate windows, and as far as I’ve been able to figure out there’s just no good way to work with it in Blender.

That’s one of the ennoying things in Blender, because I have a notebook and a second monitor. I can’t stretch it. Maybe my next monitor will be this: http://www.amazon.de/LG-34UM95-P-LED-Monitor-Thunderbolt-Reaktionszeit/dp/B00HG7EB64/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pd_S_nC?ie=UTF8&colid=149MULNWAMKEJ&coliid=I3RFLS7GPW2IN1

For Windows users, there’s this:

Interesting, I’ll have to give that a try.

nice! This is probably the best solution so far…

Does it allow focus change without bring-to-front, like xmouse (Linux functionality), powertoys/guitool (unsure, but for Win98), and NVTools (WinXP, but since then seems impossible due M$ design flaw). If so, what is it and where can I find it? I’ve tried a lot of various hacks to get the job done, but it will always ruin something (from taskbar to rendering other sw I work with completely broken).

I’m using the built-in stuff now, but unfortunately it forces bring-to-front, which I hate with a passion, but doesn’t cause any sortware issues - only huge annoyance factor. If I weren’t forced to use Win at work, I’d be running some Linux distro (where this behavior is standard).

It is called wizmouse and it brings to front the window under cursor when you press a mouse button (or turn the wheel). It is easy to disable so if you have troubles with other programs you can quickly switch it off (with single mouse click). The good think is that you can activate the window with the mouse wheel which usually doesnot make any harm to your scene :slight_smile: but this is far from perfect. The built-in stuff is probably better because it works also with keybord shortcuts…

Yeah, but still not good enough, I’m faster if I just click rather than waiting for it to bring it into focus (even though it takes only 500ms its still too slow). I swear it worked in a certain recent build, but I don’t know which one.

@maraCZ: Rgr, thx. I may try it out someday.

Yeah, but still not good enough, I’m faster if I just click rather than waiting for it to bring it into focus (even though it takes only 500ms its still too slow)

Yep, I agree. Sorry, but I shoulda mentioned that personally I found the Windows mouse solution not only too slow but also annoying in other applications, so in Blender I use JuhaW’s solution and simply spread the Blender window over the two monitors. It’s a reasonable compromise since I’m not in the habit of using Ctrl+Space, but it would be much better if Blender itself supported multiple monitors.