Dual Monitors

I have a quick question. Is it possible to split Blender to two seperate monitors? I know the effects of one monitor, and how you usually cannot do this…but I was jsut thinking it would be sweet to put seperate views on monitors?

I don’t think the official release allows for separate Windows to be open for the same blender session. However, if you video card allows for it, you can stretch blender across both screens and then use the regular Split area option in blender to add a split right down the middle.

I do what DichotomyMatt said with a 8600 GTS and it works flawlessly with two 22"s. Also often use a rig with an ATI card (can’t remember what model) and the same setup with two 22"s. Again, it works flawlessly.

I to use the setup mentiond above only with a nvidia 8500GT
and Ubuntu 8.04

again works great, I will never go back!