Dual quaternion skinning

Is there a way to have both linear and dual quaternion skinning at the same time ?

I’d like to have dual quat on shoulder and hips and spine and retain linear skinning on elbow and knee joints.


I don´t think so, unless you use two different armatures with the same model.

Also be aware that dual quaternion has troubles with bone stretching, so if you are planning to do a cartoon character with a lot of squashing you should go for linear skinning or some workaround with lattices.

I would also recommend you not to lose your time skinning a character merely with weight painting, use the mesh deform modifier instead.

Interesting. I still had to experiment with the mesh deform modifier.

It would be a great addition to be able to, let’s say, paint a vertex map for the influence of the dual quaternion vs linear skinning.

Brecht ? What do you think ?


why do you want to have linear skinning in the elbows and thew knees?

Well, as you it doesn’t work too well with stretchy limbs, but as I see it is awesome for shoulders, hips and ribcage…