Dubai Creek Tower

Hey guys,
This is a post based on a photo I took of a tower near the creek in dubai, i’ve included a scaled down version of the original photo ref in the bottom left of the image (on holiday, banwidth restriction). Note, I couldnt find the original billboard add, so I camera mapped it from the original photo :).

Any feedback is welcome!

You could add clouds in the background. I know there’s a plain sky in the reference photo,but a bit detail is always good. Did you put on an image texture for the windows/balconies? It would be better if you modeled them to make them look more comprehensive. It would also look nice if you showed the whole building. Overall,Nice scene.:slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback,
The windows are modellled not textures, but perhaps I could make that clearer by putting some of the laundry in the windows from the original photos (you cant see it their but its on the original photo - no microscope :)). Maybe adding the windows in behind would help to.

I’m really only about 4 months or so into heavy dedicated blender learning, the background is a hdri , should I with that to put clouds in with photoshop? Or model them on blender, or some form of particle system ?

Will put a a full 3d view in, but it may look a bit wierd with none of the city around, I guess I can do an architect style render that you see on planning permits for skyscrapers with fake lawns etc.

Thanks again for the comments, its always useful to get someone else tips and opinions.

Your Welcome!
Yes,there are lots of tutorials out there on how to create clouds,here’s one of them;
A full 3D view will look great but it will take a while to create though,and may get complex.
If you’ve just started out,then it’s pretty good!:slight_smile:

Thanks, it might be a month or so before anything happens, in an internet deadzone till end of holidays, so probably do an update on this then, in the meantime will be working on some sketchbook projects.