Duck Season! - Daffy Duck fan art

Hi everyone! Recently completed this personal project of mine. I wanted to recreate the scene of Daffy Duck declaring duck season right before he’s shot by Elmer Fudd. Just about everything was done inside of blender and rendered with cycles. Zbrush was briefly used for making the eye sockets and eye brows.


Nice - it’s not easy to create 2D cartoon characters accurately in 3D like this.

Thank you! Definitely not an easy task but so much fun to do.

:duck::duck: Duck season! :duck::duck:

Wabbit season!

:rabbit::rabbit::rabbit::rabbit: YEAH! :rabbit::rabbit::rabbit::rabbit:

nice work !!!

Thank you!

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Wabbit Season Bugs Bunny 3D Model

Would you believe it?


bear season!

My favorite character, I love it.

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Thank you!