Here’s one of the renders:

Here’s another:

I was trying to see how I could create two very different moods with one object by just using different lighting and scenes.

Would appreciate serious feedback on both of the pictures!


First one looks cool, I just find it distracting that the pieces of wood on both sides are also in focus, as they’re not the main focal point of the image…

The second image:

I don’t think that’s right. The image seems a too dark -> Compositing.

I had a problem with focus. Every time I had the object on focus it would still blur the object so I just used distance

use an empty to focus on.
use a constrain to point your camera to your focus.
Use stop F5.6 or F3.2 or so, the higher you go the sharper everything becomes (but thats not always nice).
And now the difference between a duckbill and a duck

Thanks! I’ll try it out next time I’m having trouble with focus :smiley: