duel monitor dreams

hi, serious question about duel monitor set ups.
Currently I am making a ‘Ganster Rap’ video clip.
no blender included as this is a semi-pro job.
I may sneak some in, but it’s unlikely.
the clip is 4 minutes long.
I am taking 9-12 completely different scenes, all of the whole song & several out takes to be added for cut shots.
The Audio is already pro recorded.
I use Sony Vegas for editing. (supports duel monitor)
I have a tower 1.5 gig ram, nvidia 5700le (though I could upgrade from my son’s gaming machine to 2gig & a 7600nv gc) & I want to use an Acer laptop with standard internals (256 onboard everything.)
Can I use the laptop as the 2nd monitor, or do I need another monitor?
How would I set up the Acer to be the second monitor?
Can I use my son’s machine/monitor for this? (rather not have that argument)
any help would be appreciated, as with many scenes, I could use a monitor for lipsync.
the video audio waves are not substantial enough to instantly line up the waves, so I need to lipsync by sight & the vegas preview is tiny.
The idea is edit one window, preview the other.

Should be able to use it as a second monitor. Try plugging it in and seeing if it is picked up, it will be dependant on your hardware/drivers.

indeed, should be possible to use a laptop as a second monitor… :slight_smile:

might be of interest:

thanks guys, I’ll get some extra leads & give it a go.
Will be so much easier.
Cutting 40min of video in time, down to four min is no easy task. That’s just the first takes.
All up the plan is 2 hours of video at different locations, cut into the final product.
It is so much fun making/taking the video, so far we hijacked a clothing shop & did a two scenes in a Barber shop, free hair cuts & all, with 15 people dancing!