“Duesy” or better known as a Duesenberg :slight_smile:

The images:

The wire pics:

By the way I think its my best render yet. Comments welcome! :wink:
Please, be nice :Z

It looks like a pretty good model. I would guess that you spent a fair amount of time on it.

However, the lighting is not good. It looks like you’ve used blender’s default lighting setup. The result is that we can’t see the hard work that you’ve done modeling.

If you are new to lighting, begin by doing a google search for 3 point lighting setup. It is a classic lighting setup that usually gives decent results, and it is a nice starting place for doing more advanced setups. Also, consider using ambient occlusion.

Something else that will add realism to your model: put a little more time in the materials. For the car paint I would recommend harder specularity. Also, do a search for sonix’s car paint library here on elysiun. It has alot of nice premade car materials.

Keep it up! Just a little more work could really make your model shine.

good points… i’ll try that…