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He’s going to ask for your bank info. Prepare a reply based on that - suggest Western Union because, “I’m securing a new bank account so that I may obtain a higher interest rate. The process is not yet complete.”

this is so evil…

They are not idiots and certainly, they are not going to fall for that…

Though it would be a nice thing to see them falling into their own trap, I think they are prepared to deal with such situations…

In any case I agree with shbaz, they’ll say “yes” and they are going to ask for your bank account, in order to finish the transaction… That’s how they work… If you’re lying, they’ll know it immediately…

No matter what they’ll say, don’t give them anything… Even your pet dog’s name, is sufficient information to them to screw around with you…

I would like to suggest, to stop playing with them…

I allways ignore such e-mails…

NY Times - Officials Arresting SPAMmers

Federal and state law enforcement agencies have quietly arrested or charged dozens of people with crimes related to junk e-mail, identity theft and other online scams in recent weeks, according to several people involved in the actions.

The cases, which have been brought by law enforcement offices around the country, are expected to be announced by Attorney General John Ashcroft in a news conference in Washington on Thursday.

Federal authorities have stepped up their efforts to crack down on junk e-mail messages, or spam, since Congress passed a law last December criminalizing fraudulent and deceptive e-mail practices. The law subjects spammers to fines and jail terms of up to five years. …

I agree totally with Timonides… it’s the best advice… hope you’ll listen…

Prepare to be surprised if you really believe that.

Yeah, lol, I read those, thery’re good fun to read. :slight_smile:

People are amazingly gullible.

One of the greatest American hoaxers was P.T. Barnum. In the 1800s, ticket-buyers lined up by the hundreds to see exhibits in Barnum’s museum, even though most of them were not even real. Like what? Like “a 161-year-old woman who had been George Washington’s nurse!” (In fact, she was only 75, and didn’t know who George Washington was.) Or a body that was supposedly a mermaid ! (It was really a monkey’s body attached to a fish’s tail.) One of Barnum’s best tricks was the “Amazing Egress.” He came up with the idea because his museum was getting too crowded. Barnum wanted people to leave quickly so he could sell more tickets. So, he made a new door in the museum. Then he painted signs that said, “This way to the Amazing Egress!” Most museum visitors didn’t know that “egress” meant “exit.” They wanted to see this amazing “egress” exhibit. So they followed the signs and found themselves in the street behind the museum ! Barnum was such an expert hoaxer that it seemed he could make people enjoy being fooled. After going through the egress, many people would pay to enter the museum again. They’d stand next to the egress and laugh as others were fooled by the trick!

OHHHHHHH, that Red Breast story had me in tears it was so funny.


OHHHHHHH, that Red Breast story had me in tears it was so funny.[/quote]
Same here.

Double scamming the scammer :stuck_out_tongue:


Hehe, I’m not stupid, I’ll never give them the first letter of my name.
And people have scammed these guys out of money and humiliated them on a regular basis.

I heard someone who got a scam call, told them hang on and then left the phone on a table for two hours and then came back and they where still there waiting for him too comeback

That’s great to use on Jehovah’s witnesses.

Open the door, act like you care, say “oh, great! just let me get my son/brother, he really wants to talk to you!”

And then close the door and quietly lock it.

Mean, but fun.

ROTFLMAO!!! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s both shocking and amusing, as well… :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t know about that… :o

Anyway, now that I know, I have an extra reason to disagree with valarking… :x (:P)

After seeing what that Nigerian guy went through, I’m feeling sympathy for him… :frowning: (:P)

valarking don’t you dare do to others, what you don’t want them to do to you… :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

(No, seriously, I think even if indeed, there’s a chance to get some bucks out of them, I still believe it’s best to ignore them, just to be on the safe side…)…

What a dumbass. He can’t even run a scam right.
No reply.

Maybe he’s the same guy from the “Red Breast” story…

He must have understood by now, that scamming is not for him and decided to quit…

He used the same scam as they guy who posed naked and then got it posted on a gay porn site.
I think he’s scarred for life.
It’s ok though, it’s not like these asses have feelings.

lol, yeah that was so funny. But I don’t think he was actually posted there, the baiter just made him think he was.