Dumb question: How to cut a circular hole in a UV Sphere

I know this gonna sound dumb, since probably everybody this side of Neptune knows how to do it, me being the exception :expressionless:

Here’s the Q: How do I cut a circular hole in a UVSphere? In my case it is for an eye socket on my Iron Giant model.


Depends where you want to add the hole. If its at one of the poles of the UVsphere just delete some verts.

If on the side (equator) delete some verts to make a square hole a little larger than the circular hole you want. Then add a circle to the mesh where the hole should be. Fill in the faces between the circle and square. Make sure the number of verts in the circle you create equals the number of verts around the square hole

Hope this helps

I would rather use booleans

Draw a smaller Icosphere, the size of the hole, place it in the right place and subtract it from big sphere.


What I do is, I leave the UV sphere where it is, but I place a mesh cylinder through the sphere (so they intersect), then I use the Knife tool and trace around where the cyclinder intersects.

Once I’ve done the whole circle, I just hit ‘P’ and delete the separate piece or delete vertices or whatever.

Because it’s a hand-drawn circle in effect, it’s not the most special solution on the planet, but the only way to do it perfectly supposedly is to use Booleans. For me, I try to avoid Booleans because they seem to stuff up your mesh (ick).

The method GreyBeard sounds OK too. However, I don’t think you will keep the integrity of the sphere if you do that.