Dumbony Animation Idea WIP JL

(Jeannot) #1

My son said “Daddy, can you make something less scary looking, more like the cartoon I watches?” Lol! He is 5) so I came up with this concept. Its a mix between pikachu, dumbo and the sunny bunnies! A bunny that wants to fly! Thoughts? :slight_smile:

All done in blender 2.8 with grease pencil which is ever so awesome now, feels like pencil sketching :slight_smile:

(Meshmonkey) #2

Very cute character design, I love it. Are you going to model/rig/animate this?

(Jeannot) #3

Yes I will make a short film out of this little dude!

I am starting on some storyboards already :slight_smile:

I think I will actually try and record everything and maybe turn it into a course once its done, maybe…

(Meshmonkey) #4

That would be awesome!


Nice, that’s a pretty cute and fun design!
And hey, even if it’s not what you usually draw it’s always good to try new things. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Jeannot) #6

Thanks :slight_smile:
You absolutely right, Its fun to do things a bit differently for a change :slight_smile:
My son is happy, that makes me happy :wink:

(Jeannot) #7

Added a few more interesting poses of my Dumbony and took a screenshot of full screen !:crazy_face: I think I am ready to start my storyboard! :grin:

(alf0) #8

no way man this is really awesome !!!

(Jeannot) #9

Thanks alf0 :slight_smile:

More Sketches, this time with a timelaps video :slight_smile:

(Jeannot) #10

Decided to give my Dumbony a little friend, or a few !:crazy_face:

(Jeannot) #11

The Dumbony family grew some more! :crazy_face:

(Jeannot) #12

Dumbony Eevee fur test.


Nice work, though I’m not sure I like how ‘realistic’ his eyes look here. I kinda liked the black ‘button’ eyes he had in the sketches. Then again, that may look creepy in 3d.

None the less I know it is very hard turning a 2d cartoon character into 3d, while retaining the same feel and look of the original drawings.

(Jeannot) #14

Thanks :slight_smile:

I also like the button like eyes, but at the same time, I want to put him in a realistic environment.

That being said, the same feel can be achieve through proper rigging and posing with all the exagerations.

Right now its base pose, not rigged. He looks in the vast emptiness which makes his eyes looks odd and not as cute and fun as the concept. Well, its a very un-natural pose.

That’ll change soon enough :stuck_out_tongue: since this was to show the fur. Its eevee viewport and I find that amazing! :grin:


Understandable, I know T-poses look very lifeless. :laughing:

The fur looks great for Eevee, very cool stuff. I look forward to seeing more. :slightly_smiling_face:

(yogyog) #16

Rabbit eye are actually quite like little black shiny buttons…

Great work! I look forward to seeing how you handle the rig!