Another ship concept, finally got to playing around with geometry nodes for this one, huge potential. the curve stuff in 3.0 looks dope for pipes and stuff.
As usual boxcutter and hops heavily involved and a little bit of decal machine sprinkled in for some quick tertiary details.

Rendered in Cycles.

More images at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/0nANaV

Read about the behind the scenes over on Blender Nation;


Holy smokes! This rocks bro, as does your other works! Is that a single cycles render?.. Or was there some painting in post involved?

Yeah i did a post pass in photoshop mainly tidying up lighting and putting in some FX, little bit of painting where i was overly lazy with the modelling

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So if you took the time, you could achieve this look (top image - which appears almost painterly) in one single render?.. Please advise. Leave nothing out.

So here’s the “base plate” i usually start with camera raw filter or some LUTs to fine tune the lighting and color to how i want it, takes a while to do granular changes in blender so i prefer to do it in photoshop.

Then go in and manually fix exposure in places for example the subject matter is very washed out so painting some fog behind the ship to break up the layers and adjusting exposure to make it pop.

Then some photobashed smoked and FX, then really i just bust out the paint brush on areas of highlights cause thats where the main focus will be, silhouettes and lit surfaces. the ship didnt need much cause thats where i spent most of my time.
But yeah i use a textured brush to get some of that painterly feeling but again you only have to do it in a few specific areas the rest of the comp is just eye rest and no one would ever notice if you did anyways.


Gotcha! Thanks man! Really top-shelf! Keep making art yo!

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!