Dungeon of the Serpents

Dungeon of the Serpents is a simple FPS, a new game built upon a old Ludum Dare entry of mine; now with graphic options,3 types of shots, 3 types of enemies, 7 levels (or more?) and a lot of secrets!



Linux (64-bits):


hope you like ^^

(looking for the original version of LD27? check the second post!)

‘Dungeon of the 10 Seconds’, the first version, released in 08/26/13 for Ludum Dare 27:


What I noticed in the Ludum Dare site comments sounds like a good case to learn Python (for things like mouselook).

For the record, Python knowledge will also open the door to doing things like a custom culling system for lights and logic more easily and more elegantly (in other words, allow optimization techniques that would allow the creation of huge levels at 60 FPS). You should also not forget to use the built-in occlusion culling as well.

thank you for the feedback!

I know how python can be good for this game (and for me), but I still want to make this game with logic bricks, or with the mininum of ‘real coding’ as possible

first, because I’m stubborn xD
second, because I know (or I think I know) this game can be made that way

maybe in the next project I can (I should) write some codes, but for this specific game, I still trying to limitate the amount of real coding

I cant play it at the moment but damn those screenshots make me nostalgic, reminds me of Hexen.

Hi people! I have news! \o/

I finished the new version of this game, please, go check it out the first post!

And let me know about any typo or bug xD

yes, also Catacomb 3D, Heretic and even Wolfenstein 3D were inspirations! ^^

Tested, Ubuntu x86 - amd drivers.
Absolutely lovable game, everything seems to work nicely. The mouse is a bit slow, a settings button to change the speed would be great but that’s less than a minor complaint. Great ui, cool textures, I can’t really find anything bad about it. Nice job.

Serpent’s answer was fairly accurate as far as rulebooks was concerned (at least as far as ones issued by WotC - in 3.5, Open Content meant there were a LOT of publishers putting out D20 stuff.) 4th edition has over a dozen source books already, with a new one coming along every month or two.

pgi, thank you for the feedback! is a relief to know that this game works properly out of my pc! xD

molanallama, I don’t understand much about D&D, but anyway, thanks ^^

Well, I’m glad that you decided that this wasn’t going to be a one-off project to be thrown away, I got through the first level and the game is more challenging than it seems.

Only when I got to the second level, my character started sinking through the floor and I kept going down while being able to see the dungeon drift away further and further above.

One suggestion though, I might add, might be to add multi-level rooms and elevated platforms for some of the levels, something to give a more 3D feel, you have a pretty nice base to work off of already.

thank you for the feedback!

about the player sinking through the floor, I thought I had gotten rid of this problem =/

should have kept the physics substep for 2, but I was losing in frame rate; the final stage have 72 enemies, with substep set to 1, I got 30~45 fps, set to 2, 15 fps… was a tough decision ^^’

I do plan to make a game with ground elevations; this was my ‘Wolf3D’, with lucky, there will be a ‘Doom or Quake’ in the future :wink:

Place a big invisible collision box just barely underneath the floor, this should take care of penetration issues because the collisions would be tested against a volume rather than just the razor thin surface of the level geometry.

this is exactly the problem, the game already have a rectangle below the texture plane who is the true physical ground ^^’

also collision bounds with ‘convex hull’, just the default gravity in Z axis… no additional force!

sorry, I just have no ideia why this still happening :spin:

Nice work dude! I always love seeing role playing games made by indie developers. They usually have fresh ideas about this genre. Hopefully, you can step it up to the higher level with your work in the future!