Dungeons & Dragons - NEW PIC PAGE 2

Grzybu inspired me to make such a project, and here it is, thanks to Grzybu:
First version:

Ambient Occlusion version (Dungeon Master Guide added):

Final version:

It was a real pleasure to work on this, cause I really like the game, and I really like UV texturing, which allows me to texture objects just as I want.
I made the pictures of the sites of Monster Manual, the cover of Dungeon Master Guide and the map with a Sony Ericsson T300 cell-phone camera.
I hope you like it!

I have put the files on another server… And I have also moved the camera a little, so HERE you can see a 1024/768 render.

Don’t use crap servers with hour transfer limits :<

I’m really sorry, If you could lend some space on a server or sth…

Now I see this and I like it :slight_smile:
But you should correct composition. Have you read about “rule of third”?
Read about composition on some photo sites.
Now dice in almost in the center of picture which isn’t good.

This wasn’t meant to be composed in any way - these are just books, a map and a dice on a table, like during a game session, composition has nothing to do with it :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you sure? 3D gives you lot of possibilites with compositing you picture :slight_smile:

Yes, but as I said, this was meant to be some kind of “mess” - just like during the session.

I think there is some misunderstanding.
I don’t want you to clean this table :wink: Just setup camera.

oh! i thought u suggested to change the objects placement!
yeah, i can do sth with the camera, but not now, im too happy with what i have done so far - it’s my first such a complex project (except the road bike, which wasn’t ever finished, so it doesn’t count).

Can’t see the picture. :frowning:

that’s because ive put too much pictures ojn the server in an hour - my account has been blocked, but everything should be ok within next hour.

I sort of saw some of it temporarily.
I like it - but I reckon it would have been also an idea to take a photo of these books on your desk and composite the die in there - just for fun. :smiley:

no pictures

YES! the account has been unblocked, so u can see the images again.

nice, but it took forever to load :frowning:
The Blue closed book looks like the textures have stretched though

yeah it is stretched, ill work on it some day.
goddamit im so pissed off at the administration of the server - the pictures appear and disappear all the time, now they’re gone again. oh maaan, why me?! why my server?!

I can’t see the pictures. I feel bad for your account. :frowning:

now all this sh** should work correctly.
sorry for my language, but i was a little bit nervous about the server.

Nice pics, great use of AO on the AO version

Nice renders.

Only suggestion would be to smooth out thge paper on the book that is open. You can see the edges. Also, I think it would be better to have a directional light from somewhere.