Duotone - Durian Concept

Fool Moon here today, duotone with a mouse & Gimp. :smiley:


I see some great drawings skills here. Nice work.

Indeed, but unfortunately it’s not my drawing, just coloring… :o


I like how you defined lighting in the scene. When I tried colouring that drawing, lighting has been the part I had most trouble with, yours is great! :slight_smile:

Thank you man!
It’s easier if you start with a gray scale contrasts definition. Colors can easy mislead you with all those tricky color contrasts…

very nice, maybe add some warmer colors to up the contrast/drama?

Thank you. Yes, I agree, it needs at least one more layer with a warm color as you said… but it’s just an unfinished try, like David’s concept… :slight_smile:

Intresting… most intresting.