Dupli-frames fun

(Atomike) #1

Let’s say I want to make a long line of spheres- so I make a path and make a sphere, using dupliframes to create my sphere-line. Now, here’s the question… let’s say I want to leave out every 11th sphere. What I want to do is selectively delete objects in the dupliframe series. Any way to do so?

(Koryo) #2

Hello Atomike,

To leave out every eleventh dupliframed object, go to Animation Buttons (F7)
and set DupOn to 10 and DupOff to 1. This will cause Blender to turn on
dupliframes for ten frames after every one frame that it is off. You can think
of it the other way around, but this is correct for the forward path direction.


This should produce a result similar to the one below:


(Atomike) #3

Yes yes. Thank you. This is exactly what I was looking for. Creating a Blender Rosary will be easier than I had imagined. Again, thank you for your help.