duplicate a motion

the plane has four propellers.
once I animate one…
how do I use the same motion on the other 3?
please make it very clear!
thanks all

Add a Copy Rotation constraint to the other propellers, with the first one as the target, then whatever happens to the first is duplicated on the others.

Cheers, Clock.

Or you can push the action down in the NLA editor, then use it for the other propellers (DopeSheet -> change to ActionEditor, then with another propeller selected, link the action).

This way you can offset the actions slightly so the propellers don’t rotate in complete sync.

Or you can use drivers for each prop and offset them slightly… like (pi * 0.5) + (frame) then vary the number to offset the props.

Cheers, Clock.

copy rotation works fine.
thanks guys.
the cyclic thingy does not seem to work
the first prop only does one turn, I did the interpolation- cyclic.
what do I use the Key or what place to click

Post your blend file, or a cut down one with just the props in it.

Cheers, Clock.

file is here


tempprop.blend (2.23 MB)

thanks but I have been rotating wheels etc for years, did so recently, it was not as complicated as you say

Sorry my answer was not satisfactory.

In the graph editor you can use Shift+E to make the animation extrapolation linear to have a constant never ending rotation

There are numerous ways you can do this.

One option
First convert the transform animation to delta transform animation by selecting the object and Object / Transform / Animated Transform to Deltas.

To then copy an animation from one object to another select the objects to copy to, then shift select the object you want to use as the source (the active object) and use Ctrl+L / Animation Data. All the objects will then use the same animations (hence the need to use delta transforms so they don’t all move to the same absolute location). If you change the rotation speed of one object it will also change the rotation speed of those objects with the linked animation data

Another option is to use a copy rotation constraint as previously mentioned.

still trying to figure out just what I have to do!
never had to use that delta thingy before.
I will soon have several car wheels etc. so I need the simplest way.
one thing. shouldn’t the graph be a sinewave - up and down, to repeat forevcer?
rather than just part of the sinewave?

why does this wheel keep rotating?


temprotate.blend (680 KB)