duplicate and move an ipo

thanks to help from the forum i now have a picture that appears and disappears.
how do i duplicate that for the other pics and move the time it happens.
so they don’t all appear at once!
thanks all

For 2.49b (similar in 2.5 afaik):

If you’ve assigned the same IPO to all your disappearing objects, then you need to make “Single user” copies of it for each item that needs the timing changed. This is done in the IPO Editor by clicking on the box in the header that shows the number of users (has a numeral in it), to the right of the IPO name field. You’ll see the name change, with a numeric suffix added.

The single user copy can then be edited without affecting the original or other duplicates made this way. Just make sure the IPO name changes as you select each item for editing, to be sure you’re working on a unique IPO curve for that item.