Duplicate without any linking

Hi everyone!

I want to copy an object without any linking to the original. I know that there is Alt+d and Shift+d. But even with Shift+d the material is still linked. Is there any way to copy something without linking or a way to duplicate and then separate the copy and the original.



When you shift D the material and shape is copied, but not linked.
You can delete the material from it without deleting the material from
the original.
Just make sure you are doing this in ‘Object’ mode and not ‘Edit’ mode.

If you go into settings, you can change the default behavior or what is duplicated when you press those keys.

Thanks a lot! Now it works. Instead of deleting the material I added a new one and it didn’t work, but probably I made something wrong.

And thanks for the hint with the options, it’s good to know, because I am going to need it more often from now on.