Duplicated data blocks in outliner issue.

For some reason multiple images, materials and other data blocks are duplication are random times, the data block says there is a linked user but I tried to select the linked user and nothing happened… I also search for the duplicated image in the all scenes tab and it turns no results… Can I delete the duplication in the data blocks tab? Or is there some other way to fix this?


If there is no user, or been checked to keep even if no user, then they should disappear after closing the file and opening back up.

Yeah, it should be like that, though in some of my scenes there are still textures which I can’t get rid of.
Anyway he said that there is a linked user, so I guess they won’t go away.

@Leanardoe, check out whether these textures are linked to some duplicate materials and unlink them, or, if they compare on the texture list, at that point, in the Image editor, select them and Shift+click on the ‘X’ icon near the name; this way they should definitely disappear (on next load).


Like it seems to assign the dupe textures to SOME objects, and not others… Like when I use the copy&paste tools, it seems to dupe the textures. Is there an easy way to delete all dupes of a texture? Or a way to prevent this in the future by specifying that I do not want to dupe the textures with a copy paste?

It’s not a matter of deleting duplicated textures, since they are used by duplicated materials, and if you delete them such materials doesn’t render correctly; rather you have to delete duplicated material first and substitute them with the original one (Select all the objects you want to apply the material to, then the original object to make it active, then from the Object menu ‘Make Links…’ -> ‘Materials’).

In user preferences there’s the option to not duplicate materials on duplicating object (Shift D), but AFAIK there’s no way to do the same for pasting objects, since blender can’t know that materials (and relative textures) are exactly the same apart their names.


Well is there an easier way to move objects scene to scene without linking?