Duplicated Hair Particle System with independent controls for modification

Hi there… :wave:
Initially, I really thankful to all the developers for such a wonderful free and open source software. :slightly_smiling_face::v:

I am a Blender 2.79 user. I have a query related to hair particle system.
Once we create any of the groom in hair particle system, we can duplicate it but we can’t treat or modify it independently. If we does any property change, it applies for the original as well as the duplicated one.

So do have any of the function in Blender hair particle system, where we can duplicate the hair particle system and modify it independently.

Please help.

Maybe i’m missing the point but anyway…
Are you aware that a particle system is a datablock? And so, as every datablock in Blender it can be re-utilized by other objects; or made unique by clicking on the tiny number (users count) next to its name. So, to my ears you’re asking for something that it is already there (since ages), by design.