Duplicated Material Problem --> Help!!!

When i duplicate a material and change its double´s name to lets say, Material.2, the Alpha Ipo of both materials keeps connected so if i change the alpha start point it will change in the duplicated material too; What is going on??

This is whats going on, watch full movie. :wink:

hey man, excuse me but this movie does not shows me what the problem is… could you send me the right link???
thank you

IPO data isn’t part of the material. When you duplicate your material, you duplicate links to existing IPO data right along with it.

After you create your duplicate material, go into the IPO editor. Change the pop-up that says “Object” to “Material.” Then click the pop-up next to “MatIpo” and select “Add New.” Now you have a separate material IPO, and you can edit the existing keys, or delete them and set new ones.