Duplicated objects have linked IPOs?

hello blender world,
i was wondering if there was a way to fix my problem,
my problem is that when i make ipos for an object, and then duplicate that object, the IPOs are locked together and i cant edit the ipos separately.
anybody know how to fix this?
blender v2.49b

I use 2.57, so I’m not quite sure, but I think this is how to do it: Go into the animation window, and select the second cube. On the animation window, there should be a box that shows the object’s animation name (‘ObIpo’, or something like that). Click the number, and it will create a duplicate animation that’s specific to the second object.

For future reference, here’s how it’s done in 2.57:

There is a setting in your prefs, under the “Editing” section, called “Duplicate Data.” I imagine that “Action” will NOT be checked, which means it will link the actions (IPOs) instead of create new instances. Check that box, and all should be well – the IPOs are duplicated along with the mesh.

as other “data” in Blender ( objects, materials…) click the little number icon near the IPO’s name bar to make it “single-user” ( as SolarLune stated)!
Then you can edit it!

Thank you for your help guys, works like a dream!