Duplicated objects while in BGE curve data remains linked

I’m not sure if this is a known issue or maybe something that hasn’t been resolved yet in the 2.5 series. But I was making a scene in 2.56 and wanted to animate some cubes falling down a slope. I created a single cube first, when into the game engine, set it to rigid body physics, then duplicated the cube a few times. Then I placed the cubes and recorded the physics simulation to graph curves (ipo curves). But then when I go back to the internal renderer, the animation data is linked and can’t be unlinked. I’ve tried what I can think of, but it just doesn’t want to seperate the curve data for each of these objects. These objects are not linked duplicates.

I started a fresh scene and was able to recreate the problem pretty easily. Just duplicate an object while in the game engine and then record its physics and then go back to the internal renderer.

Is this a bug?

Something that is interesting is when I go into the outliner and try to unlink the animation action, it puts a warning in the header of “Not Yet”. So maybe they just haven’t finished something there. :spin:

I have exactly the same problem, yet not using the game-engine, just simply being in object mode, and just animating. When I duplicate a linked object-group, all the keys get duplicated as well. When I change the animation data, the first object changes its animation keys, too. For example if I delete all the keys in the duplicated group, it deletes all keys is the original group also. In the dopesheet editor it is impossible to just select the keyframes of either group, automatically the keyframes of both groups are selected.

Anyone found if this is a glitch or me just not knowing what to do?

Struggling to get a copied over animation link, used make single user, deleted all keyframes (dopesheet and Curve editor) but it keeps telling me ‘not yet’ when i want to unlink in the outliner view.

In my case (i think) i started recording accidentally when modeling.

Any input is much appreciated!

I think I have the same problem as others described… I made a short video to illustrate:

Does anyone have any idea on how to fix this?