Duplicates won't go away


I’ve just started using Blender (about 10 hours practice) and now I’m tackling with my first “project”. I mainly got Blender 'cos I want to design glass fiber parts for my car. It is a lot cheaper to design with computer than it would be if I ruined the original parts to just design :smiley:

Here is my first edit of the panel on the back where I plan to put 6,5" speakers…


Now. My problem is: After that image I made a cylinder (cut the other side open) to put under those speaker holes and then duplicated it. Now I can’t separate the two. When I select the other in Object mode, also the other is selected. When I try to move or rotate them, they both do the same…how can I separate those two so i could move both to their correct places and do I do it on Object or Edit mode? Please be quite specific as my skills aren’t that great yet :slight_smile:

Cheers to everyone who can help!

Easy: in edit mode, select the vertices you wish to separate from the mesh and hit P.
A hint: if you duplicate an object in edit mode, you only duplicate the vertices and not the object. In other words: you stay within the same object, you don’t create a new one.
Good luck with your project!

It sounds like you created your duplicate while you were in the Edit mode. When creating a duplicate in Edit mode, you end up with duplicated parts of the same mesh. So, what you are seeing as two objects, Blender is seeing as one object. Select all of the vertices that make up one of the two “objects” and delete them. Then Tab into Object mode and make a duplicate of the mesh. That way you end up with two separate objects.

I hope I didn’t misunderstand your question.

Thanks Charlesworth999. That made my day. And thanks to kernond also for clearing this thing even more widely for me. The corrected result can be seen here if someone is interested.
Now it’s just a pain in the ass to align those parts correctly :smiley: